Pediatric Radiology Cases

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Pediatric Radiology Cases A-Z:

Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma Arising from the Kidney Korean J Radiol 2014

Anomalous unilateral single pulmonary vein Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology 2012

Aneurysmal bone cyst Pan Afr Med J 2013

Ascariasis Causing Small Bowel Volvulus RadioGraphics 2003

Balamuthia mandrillaris Amebic Meningoencephalitis RadioGraphics 2011

Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome Radiologia Brasileira 2013

Body stalk complex Indian J Radiol Imaging 2015

Cardiac Cysticercosis AJR 2009

Cloacal Malformation RadioGraphics 2014

Cloverleaf skull syndrome Radiologia Brasileira 2014

Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation – Type 2 (Type 2 Congenital Pulmonary Airway Malformation) RadioGraphics 2011

Congenital gluteus maximus contracture syndrome J Radiol Case Rep 2014

Congenital Intracranial Teratoma RadioGraphics 2004

Congenital Mesoblastic Nephroma RadioGraphics 2012

Congenital Ranula Radiologia Brasileira 2012

Cystic Nephroma RadioGraphics 2004

Dysplasia Epiphysealis Hemimelica of the Patella RadioGraphics 2006

Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma RadioGraphics 2008

Hajdu–Cheney syndrome Indian J Radiol Imaging 2008

Hemimegalencephaly RadioGraphics 2004

Hepatic Hemangioendothelioma World J Gastroenterol 2011

Heterotaxy syndrome Radiologia Brasileira 2014

Horse-shoe lung Indian J Radiol Imaging 2013

Humeroradial synostosis West African Journal of Radiology 2013

Ileocecal Enteric Duplication Cyst: Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation RadioGraphics 2002

Inflammatory Pseudotumor RadioGraphics 2003

Intrarenal Teratoma RadioGraphics 2005

Juvenile Ossifying Fibroma of the Calvaria RadioGraphics 2009

Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Interv Neuroradiol 2011

Multilocular Cystic Renal Tumor: Cystic Nephroma RadioGraphics 2008

Neonatal onset multisystem inflammatory disease J Radiol Case Rep 2012

Ollier’s disease Applied Radiology 2014

Omental Lymphangioma with Small-Bowel Volvulus RadioGraphics 2003

Osteosarcoma of the Femur with Skip, Lymph Node, and Lung Metastases RadioGraphics 2008

Pelizaeus-Merzbacher syndrome Applied Radiology 2015

Physiological periostitis West African Journal of Radiology 2013

Primary acalvaria Radiologia Brasileira 2010

Proteus syndrome Br J Radiol 2012

Rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata Radiologia Brasileira 2007

Scimitar syndrome – The Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine 2011

Thrombocytopenia And Absent Radius (TAR Syndrome) The Internet Journal of Radiology 2006

Truncus arteriosus World J Radiol 2014

Twin Reversed Arterial Perfusion Sequence RadioGraphics 2014

Undifferentiated (Embryonal) Sarcoma of the Liver RadioGraphics 2009

Wilms Tumor in the Setting of Bilateral Nephroblastomatosis RadioGraphics 2010